The relationships built between students, teachers, family members and volunteers have been immeasurably enriching for all involved — Patricia Parr Renowned Canadian concert pianist, recipient of the Order of Canada, retired U of T music faculty, member of ROTM advisory council

We envision a future where the children of Toronto’s St. James Town feel their lives have been enriched through active participation in choral, instrumental and other music programs.

Children who participate in a choir learn skills in reading music, singing, rhythm, musical expression, and much more.  As well, being a member of a choir builds math and problem solving skills, and creates a genuine feeling of community and cooperation.  Music is beneficial to countless life skills and contributes to a happy, balanced lifestyle.  The children and families of the St. James Town Children’s Choir are welcoming and supportive.  Our artistic staff are highly skilled and professional.  The music is inclusive and fun, and challenges children to build their singing and musicianship skills.  We welcome all children in Grades 3 – 8 to join the choir.  Please contact for more information.