I really love studying music because it is a path to a fun world. We Love Reaching Out Through Music and we hope you will join us.

— Brammi Jayanthan
ROTM student (age 13)

The St James Town Children’s Choir continues to be a major focus of Reaching Out Through Music. Our artistic staff are highly qualified professionals who provide repertoire which is diverse, challenging, and above all wonderful to sing.  No prior musical experience is required.  Just a love for singing and making new friends!  We are actively recruiting children in grades 3 to 8 who live in St. James Town community for the Winter/Spring term 2019.

Programs to enhance music literacy, development of a beautiful singing tone, and increased confidence in performance are all part of ROTM’s goals for its participants.

Families with children interested in joining the choir should send an email to ed.rotm@gmail.com for further information.