We envision a future where the children of Toronto's St. James Town feel their lives have been enriched through active participation in choral, instrumental and other music programs.

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Reaching Out Through Music is a registered charity, that has been in operation since 2007.

Our goal is to offer high-quality music instruction supported by grants and donations, both private and corporate, in the high-density, low-income, multicultural area of St James Town, Toronto.

We believe that music crosses ethno-cultural barriers, builds community spirit and has a powerful secondary ripple effect for local youth, laying the foundation for positive activities and relationships, mental health and good citizenship.

Seasonal Showcase Concert

Seasonal Showcase Concert
by Reaching Out Through Music

Thursday, 13 December 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (AST)
The Church of St. Peter & St. Simon-the-Apostle
525 Bloor St. E., Toronto, ON M4W 1J1

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Euterpe & Reaching Out Through Music, 2017/18 season.

Bringing the joys and many benefits of collaborative music learning and sharing to the children and community of St. James Town.

Since its founding, Reaching Out through Music has trained and educated more than 200 children from the St. James Town community in choral, guitar, piano and violin programs.

In 2013 the St. James Town Children's Choir performed as the demonstration choir for the Toronto District School Board's Additional Qualifications Course in Vocal Music and for a workshop entitled Developing Choral Artistry, a joint project of the TDSB and the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. The SJTCC shared the stage with significant top-level Canadian artists, such as TSO violinist Carol-Lynn Fujino and Juno-nominated Autorickshaw Trio, and collaborated with the Canadian Children's Opera Company.

Feedback from children and parents
attests to Reaching Out Through Music's lasting impact in building confidence, strong work habits, and strengthening the social and cultural fabric of St. James Town. Reaching Out Through Music also provides students with opportunities to experience the world beyond their immediate environment, thereby broadening their vision to new possibilities. Several of our students have used these opportunities to excel in the wider music community outside St James Town. For example, three of our students were invited to join the Canadian Children's Opera Company.

We were struck
by the enthusiasm and commitment of the children and their families.

-- Suba Sankaran

Two time world-music
Juno Nominee

I really love studying music because it is
a path to a fun world. We Love Reaching Out Through Music and we hope
you will help us.

-- Brammi      Jayanthan

ROTM student (age 13)

The relationships built between students, teachers,
family members
and volunteers
have been immeasurably .
enriching for
all involved

-- Patricia Parr

Renowned Canadian concert pianist, recipient of the Order of Canada, retired U of T music faculty, member of ROTM advisory council

The St James Town Children's Choir continues to be a major focus of Reaching Out Through Music. We are actively recruiting children in grades 3 to 8 who live in St. James Town for September 2018. Families with children interested in joining the choir should send an email to info@reaching outthroughmusic.org for further information.

Heartfelt congratulations to Linda and her piano duo partner Charissa Vandikas on their recent win [ read about it here ]. ROTM is exceeding blessed to have such stellar music instructors on our team. Well done, ladies!

Like many Reaching Out Through Music students, Linda Ruan, Piano Instructor, and newly the St. James Town Children’s Choir accompanist, started learning to play the piano at a very young age, and is also a newcomer to Toronto, CANADA.

We are delighted to have her back with ROTM as one of our two piano instructors, and even more so to welcome her to the role of SJTCC accompanist. Click here to learn more about Linda’s impressive accomplishments as a solo pianist.


Orit Adose
Andrea Boliero
Michael Braund
John Loosemore
Jennifer Macko
Siobhan McCarter
Heather Oda

Executive Director

Virginia Evoy


Cheryll Chung, Conductor
Jacqueline Teh, Assistant Conductor
Linda Ruan, Accompanist


Guitar: Jamie Ruben
Piano: Godwin Friesen
Piano: Linda Ruan
Voice: Jenny Cohen
Voice: Brooke Dufton
Violin: Jeimmi Carrasco